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Ethernet Driver r8169 issue when hiveos boot

I just get a new BTC S37 and when hiveos boot on my usb key Ethernet crash all rj45 lights turn off.
After reading lot of post, apparently its a driver issue.
My ethernet card is realteck RTL8111/8168/8411 and the driver is r8169 and i have to delete this one and install the r8168 much more stable.
Is there someone can explain me how to do it in Linux ?

sudo apt update
sudo apt install r8168-dkms

OK thanks
So i just have to write it in the command line before booting hive os ?
And i dont have to download it ?

Sorry i am noob in command line Linux.
Can you explain how to do ? Please

dude you boot the hiveOS. its based on Ubuntu 18.04. so from the Hive web interface , you have to select the rig, select the worker and go to remote access menu and hit Hive shell start.
it will send this command to the rig and you will see the command appear where the other commands appear when you clock and do changes and stuff.
So after some second you can click on it and start the link to connect remotely to your rig’s console.
once there write the commands and then reboot it to see if it worked.

The problem is that i cant access hive interface cause i coudnt launch hiveos on my rig due to the ethernet issue. I try to write directly in the comand line of hiveos on my rig then i had this…

ah thats shit coz you dont have internet on the rig right ? it will not work because its trying from internet.
you will have to read in internet how to install it manually from the console but you have to download the driver on your PC and with flash drive transfer it to the rig. which gets quite complicated.

Yes its right.
Ethernet shut down each time hiveos boot.
I tried with different hiveos but same issue.
5 second after boot of hiveos Ethernet shut down…
Could you please tell me how to download the driver r8168 on my PC and how flash drive to transfer to my rig.
Thanks in advance dude :pray:
this is the file . download it.
insert flash drive in PC and copy it on the flash drive.
insert flash in rig
use this to mount the usb in the file system. up to step 3
then inf you are in the /mnt folder
write sudo apt install r8168-dkms_8.045.08-2ubuntu1_all.deb
and see what happens.

its something like that.

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