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Ethereum Payout under threshold by Ethereum 2.0 POS

Anyone knows what happens with ur unpaid balance if i dont meet the threshold. By the time ETH 2.0 Block is achieved?

I mined already 100$ worth of ethereum but i wont make it to the threshold when mining Ethereum stops.

yeah i have the same problem, the threshold is too high for me. i have only one card 30 mhs.


Hoping someone knows the anwser im already at 135$ farmed on ethereum. atm

What’s should happen in your opinion? Where did you hear about PoS? If it’s happening then not earlier than the end of the year. Upcoming hardfork “London” it’s not PoS 2.0 it’s about TX fees and as result reduced reward for miners because all TX fees will not distribute between miners and will be burned. It’s good for Ethereum eco-system but yes bad for miners.

What we are trying to say is that with one card like in my case, i have to mine another 80 days to get paid if the reward is kept the same as now. but after london it will be reduced and this will add another 30 days or so. so we might end up mining until the end of the year to get paid.

Pool will pay you after one week of inactivity, no matter about the amount,


thats not true. i have been inactive on hivepool for 2 months and still dont have my payout

Minimal payout on Hiveon pool of unpaid balances is carried out if:

  • you have balance > 0.01 ETH
  • at least 7 days of inactivity (not mining to this wallet) before 28 day of month

Taken from here


Hiveon pool payouts FAQ | Hive OS

so your original post of “no matter what” isnt quite true…

When ETH can no longer be mined, I would guess that HIVON and all other decent pools will pay out balances. We don’t know exactly when that will be. The better question is will HIVEON offer another Crypto pool for these GPU’s. I hit 0.1 ETH every 7 or 8 days and 1 ETC every 15 days with my current set-up. I wonder how slow this will be after AUG 4… Interesting times, but I believe you should HODL your ETH. I also expect a ETC short bull run, when to sale ETC… HMM

I watched one crypto dude that was estimating a 16% decrease in mining after the hardfork so its not that bad. but after all it all depends if there is trading. if there are many transactions and price continues to go up we will compensate for these 16-20% less.

Hello !
I’m facing the same issue right here. Now my mining balance on HiveOn is 0.031 eth, and my hashpower is only 28 mh/s. Since august, the payout policy changed, they don’t payout balances under 0.1 eth. I wonder, if we’re suppose to merge to the Proof of Stake chain anytime begining December 2021, and i’ll have less than 0.1 until than, what will happend with my eth balance ?

i hope they will repay all the remaining balances after that happens but i dont think it will be sooner than January or February.


how is it now with the payment after inactivity after the 21st of a month?

I see that the faq has also been changed?
Is there now no more payout?



August 25, 2021

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