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Ethereum hard fork Constantinople

I want to ask about Ethereum hard fork Constantinople. Will Ethereum mineable after this hard fork like now?
Will anything change about Ethereum mining after this hard fork?

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Yes, Etheterum will be mineable after this hardfork.
But block reward will decrease from current 3 ETH to 2 ETH so with the current price and diff it will bring less income. Therefore, either the diff should fall or the price will increase by 30% to ensure profitability at the current level.


Thanks a lot

Will our miners have to be updated after the fork? Does it make sense to try and mine as much ETH now before the fork or will it matter? I just don’t want to have coins stuck on a pool waiting forever for a payout.

Ethereum devs ask call it “update” neither “fork”.

No changes to the PoW will be implemented so there no update mining software needed.

Maybe when devs will implemented parts or totally migrated to ProgPow then we need new miners but this happens not in this January.

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Thanks! I’ve read conflicting posts about this so I figured the guys mining on here would know.

You are welcome

There more detailed info about Ethereum network upgrade “Constantinople”:

Countdown timer:

Thnaks a lot

In connection with the change of the hardfork date to the end of February, we will probably see a change in the algorithm as well, but so far nothing is known about it

Hi @HaloGenius,

as per the Constantinople update, i understand that client software has to be udpated in order to stay on the same page with the brand new Etherium protocol released on 28th Febraury.

That been said, do we have to make any change to the etherium workers (in my case I am using Claymore miner and is configured to use always “the lastest” version).


Yes that’s right term - update. It’s update network but not miners software.

great then!