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Ethereum disappeared?

Today around 1400 EST it appears something went haywire. I made a change to my wallet and then noticed the pending ETH was zero. The dashboard was acting wired too, not updating, etc… I have a webpage open with the web statistics and it still shows the correct pending amount but the other stats are still weird. I have update and rebooted the rig/s. I just hope I didn’t lose my ETH that was pending…
This was right after it got weird:

And this is the dashboard now:

Here are the charts showing everything appearing to go offline around 1400 est:

I just noticed that the original webpage I was/am monitoring my stats from has the following:
Miner Statistics 0xC3142D7c5C343BB9F1F69F04D263ac409b71eA8B

But when I click HiveON in my miner now it has:
Miner Statistics 0x42E640F63866bfF11fd6373c1A6a421f3F03Cdad

I am seeing that this is the wallet address… Can I have the two merged somehow? The 1st one was a Coinbase ETH address, the second is my Coinbase wallet app. Apparently Coinbase changed your receive address every time you receive funds but the old address remain able to receive still. I just don’t know how fix this overall and now that the amount mined is going to ne wallet, the old pending amount will never reach payout…

Any help out there? @keaton_hiveon ?? Anybody? PLease assist… :slight_smile:

I know I am a noob at mining but we all start somewhere, right? :open_mouth:

Change back to the old address until you reach the min payout

Thanks for the reply. I created a new wallet with the old address (thank God I had it saved). The went to my flight sheet and modified it to use that one. I thought it was all back to normal, the mined ETH was back in the pending box, miners appear to be online and mining… But when I look at the HiveOn stats page it still shows both workers offline. Will it just take a while or did I miss something?

Question answered - looks like it just takes a little time to normalize. So far so good.

Thanks again for the help… It’s a learning experience lol! :stuck_out_tongue:


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