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Ethash / Hiveon graphs

Hello, I’ve just started mining and in my flight sheet I selected hiveon pool, and in this graph I see a huge difference in the mh/s, also I been mining for a few hours and have almost 2% of stale shares, should I worry?


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I see the same. Since 5:30PM Central today is when it started. This is from my two main rigs and both experienced the same drop as seen in the two lower graphs.

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 20-08-28 Screenshot from 2021-02-08 20-08-44

I’m having the same issue, it has been going on for a few hours now. Ima stops my rigs until it better.

They said its just a reporting issue, that youre still getting credit for mining. Its hard to find that information and that makes me mad. However, youre still hashing youre still getting credit. I moved my Rigs over to WoolyPooly and honestly HiveON deserves that. They need to communicate better when this issue occurs. It should NOT be hard to find this issue out.

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Couldn’t agree more, a simple communication with their miners would make us a lot more confident.


ok thanks for the replies, I thought it was a problem in my settings, like you said, they should communicate better this things, I’ts complicated for those that are starting

ey sry to bother, and what about the difference in the hashrates in hiveon pool? most of the time is 20/30 mhs lower than my actual hashrate and ethash, in your picture I see the same

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