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ETH & ZIL w/ a catch

Hello fellas,

I was wondering if it was possible to dual mine eth and zil but with a catch. I would like to use ethermine pool instead of the ezil one to maximize my profits. I’ve tried a couple of ways. The one I found the easiest and effortless for one to follow is this

Proxy mine in ethermine using shardpool.
Set up a flight shit and

  1. Set up your eth wallet
  2. Pool: Configured in miner
  3. Miner T-Rex and add the following in the config file

In the password field you write down your zil address separeted with ‘@’ and then the ethereum pool URI plus ‘!x’

Example → [email protected]:4444!x

I do tho have some concerns with regards on proxy mine and stale shares.
Any thoughts? Any advices? Does it worth the hassle?

Think t-rex and lolminer allows you to mine to both without using a proxy. You just need to use a pool that allows direct mining for zil (k1pool does, don’t mean kroxy)

You can follow the guide… Use your normal ETH pool and it will create a 2nd connection to the ZIL pool

You can find the text version of the video at

It is easier with the changes to hive now