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ETH Wallet change or alternatives

I was forced to update my wallet address at who has halted all deposits and withdraws recently.

I have yet to reach my next 0.2 ETH, I can change to a new address but the remaining assets within the old wallet address will become a dead account, am I right?

Thanks a lot.

Mining rewards to date are tied to the address they were “accumulated”. Yes, you can strand them if the address does not accept payouts.

Certainly a risk when we do not own the keys to our wallet.

You can email [email protected] to see if there are options I have not seen posted/shared in the past.

Good luck!

just confirming what @grea said. you can email support and ask, but typically accumluated amounts are tied to that address. not your keys, not your crypto.

Thanks a lot for the reply @Grea and @keaton_hiveon

Understand there are difficulties to prove the account belongs to me, at the same time, it’s me who requested the transfer.

I will email the support and see.

Perhaps we could just keep the funds on hold until this feature is available…

“At the moment, we do not provide the possibility of transferring funds between wallets due to the difficulty of proving that the account belongs to the user who requests the transfer. But we are working on it and, perhaps, will provide such an opportunity in the future.”

Or why cant Hive just verify identity by asking user to turn on and off gpus from both wallets with same ip address on que?

Not sure if this is resolved since we are in the stage after the MERGE…