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ETH + TON HiveON Nvidia lolMiner

Is there anything else I should do? 3 cards have double the hash rate on TON than the other 3

Remove power limits and reboot. Also, why manually configure everything when you could just use the dual mining fields in the flight sheet/miner config? Here’s my config screen

I configured initially because that’s what I found on several websites about configuring for dual mining.

I tried your way, but I’m getting this error all the time and I don’t receive any TON jobs. Any suggestions?


Show your flight sheet (before clicking edit)

I sort it out eventually… sorry for my late reply and appreciate your support… however, because of energy bills in uk and 10 degrees more on the temps of the cards, I decided that is not worth it to dual mine for a £0.5 profit a day :slight_smile:

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