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ETH + TON Dual mining AMD RX6900 xt Teamredminer vs lolminer hashrates and oc


this are my works.

I hope it helps someone.

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team red miner

trm is more profitable but lolminer is more stable. I chose lolminer. maybe after new updates come i can change my mind.

now trm is upgraded and is better from lol miner. and i change my vddci volt 735 to 740

very stable working

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I can’t set eth + ton mining in TRM. Could you please insert a scren from your Flight Sheets?


Yes of courese.

You have to use user config inside off the set up config miner.

You don’t have to do any of that extra config. Just fill in the boxes in miner config.

I tried before only fill the boxes and doesnt work. after than i found this codes. you can try both off them. its free :grinning: my rig is working now incredable stable when i was not making dual making it was not a stable like now.

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