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Eth pending became 0 right before payout, now hiveonstats wont load


I either hit or was about to hit 100% towards my next payout, and my “pending” eth now show 0, as well as my hiveonstats page no longer loading. The page will not tell me that I am currently mining anymore, nor will it display any date as to my rig and what it is doing. I’m now not able to load the Overview, Workers, or Payouts tabs, and my last .1 ETH that was pending has seemingly disappeared. Please help, thank you.

Hi there mate - Ive got exactly the same problem ?

Check on pool first

Are we supposed to email support or is there a contact, my situation is identical and has not resolved itself?

that’s where everyone was looking. my man.
though its been fixed now.

My account is the same - 0, and when you click on view on hiveon pool, there is no information as before, re anticipated payout and rates etc.

Hi there! Same thing here

Halo thanks for your kind reply, when you say check on the pool first, what are we supposed to check?

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Don’t know what’s going on at the moment, some of the guys who have kindly advised (halo & atifsh) appeared to suggest it’s resolved for some people, but not for some

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You have no idea what questions there are.
For example, a person mines on the binance pool and asks why he has 0 on the hive pool, etc.
I apologize if I offended someone

Apologies it is true my lack of knowledge
Im using Hive OS free and on their Euro pool address

I still have this same issue, any updates?

Yes I am mining on hiveon pool only

Stats on Hive OS from Hiveon pool temporary not available. You can check your unpaid balance directly on pool

Till tonight I have the same problem. Everything seems zero

It’s ok, now.

Edit: seems to be working now, will update if anything changes.

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