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ETH miner crashes every day at 2:30

Hi, I have problem with ETH miner on HiveOS. Miner crashes every day exactly at 2:30 (hashrate drops from 170 to 30) and even miner restart won’t help, I have to restart whole rig and then it works another day. Is it somehow connected to HiveOS or there is problem with power, etc?

I am out of ideas, this have never happened to me before. I planned automatic restart at 2:30 using crontab, but still, this is strange. Watchdog does not work when this happens from some reason.

Checked all cron jobs, nothing suspicious there. The problem is, that list of cron jobs (crontab -l) is overwritten at every restart, so I can not even plan 30 2 reboot at every start.

I would really appreciate some help, thanks.

same problem

It was haker bot. It use open (NAT, wan to lan) port and start script.

How did you solve the problem?
I got the same situation with ccminer and EWBF miner

reinstall hive and close all ports and change all passwords

I switched to clean installation of Ubuntu 18.04 - without any problems. Your server is probably exposed to internet, in this case it is much better to handle stuff by your own tools.