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ETH Miner broken

Hi, I put the pool URL and address in the correct places on ETH Miner (I just wanted to check the hashrates vs Claymore), but it fills the config file in an unusual way

When I try to run the miner I get the message “No Work for Miner”

You must set proper stratum protocol version something like this
stratum1+tcp:// -, nanopool
stratum2+tcp:// -, MiningPoolHub, etc
depends which protocol version port using.

Ethminer changed config arguments but Help section at pools remain to old version (0.13 and earlier).
You can convert protocol version if you look to argument -SP at pool examples section.
-SP 1 - v1
-SP 2 - v2
I’m already look to minerpool (they using v1) so you must set as stratum1+tcp://

Thank you.