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ETH fork : ETHW

Du to official launch by yesterday :

Any news on what miner or pool to use with ETHW ?

Will it be fully integrated in Hive ?

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Ethw is just a Continuation of the current chain, address and algo stays the same, just a different pool whenever the fork is done. No need to wait for anything.

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gave it a try with the different pools, but couldn’t log to any pool

It’s not forked yet. They posted 24 hours after the merge is complete I believe.

Do you know where we can store these ETHWs elsewhere than on the few exchanges that take it into account?

On any existing wallet address you hold the keys to. In order to see it and interact with it you would need to add the ethw rpc into MetaMask as of now until wallets officially support interacting with it.

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Ok, so for those who decide to choose Metamask I post settings in this thread



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Is it confirmed Network ID is trully 10001 because of this message

“The network with chain ID 10001 may use a different currency symbol (BCHT) than the one you have entered. Please verify before continuing.” :crazy_face:

Also, go for adding ETHW symbol in Hive wallet WebUI :grin: :innocent:

For those who are Phoenixminer / pool, sample settings for HiveOS !


Giving a try for the airdrop

How will we detrmine GWEI price on ETHW chain ?

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