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ETC pool payments are working?

ETC pool payments are working?

I have 1.4 ETC in my balance and I did not receive any payment

same problem

If you look at your pool dashboard page on HiveOn, you’ll see the following message-

"The Hiveon ETC pool has resumed limited operations.

Mining is once again up and running, but do note that all payouts are currently on hold until all network issues have been resolved.

We will keep monitoring the situation as it progresses and will resume payouts once the network is fully restored and functional. In the meantime, rest assured that your funds are safe."

So you can continue to mine, but it appears the unpaid balance will just continue to accrue on the HiveOn pool until the ETC network issues are resolved, and then they will resume payouts and send unpaid balances to your wallet.

When is payment starting again. 7 more days and still no info :frowning:

This kind of business have some risk level. that would be good if the miner will decide if he want to beal with that or not.

How can we say it is free of regulations and decentralized if everyone want to be policeman.

Just give us option to check - “leave funds” or “pay out”

Please unlock the payments before 4th attack