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ETC overclock vs RVN overclock

I am running a mining rig with 6 RTX 3060 Ti’s. I was mining ETC with a hashrate of 383 mH/S I switched to RVN and am now getting 149 mH/S I had the overclocking set to Core: 1550, Mem: 3200, and PL 180 for ETC. The recommended settings for RVN are Core: 100, Mem: 950, and PL 130. Is the lower overclock responsible for the lower hashrate? Is RVN really that much harder on the system?

The 100 core offset is actually higher than the locked core clock of 1550.

Kawpow algo uses the core and memory vs etchash algo really just uses the memory. Hashrates aren’t comparable at all since they’re very different algos.

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As stated by keaton, all algorithms are different. For example, my RTX 3070 gets 60/mhs on ETC, but 2900h/s on cngpu, and 30mh/s on kawpow.