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ETC Hive pool not responding


Since yesterday, I ma experiencing connection problem to Hive pool ETC

Got such message :

  • Pool not reacting to submitted shares for too long. Reconnecting.
  • Pool not sending data for 150 seconds. Reconnecting.

This can be short, but also very long

I set a watchdog to handle this with the feature “WD Share Time”, but it mostly has no effect. Rig keeps having difficulties to reach Hive pool after rebooting.

Any explanation on what is happening ?

Rig with this settings

Sounds like a connection issue, are you able to ping the server when it’s not connecting?

Sounds not to be a connection issue at least relative to my internet but with “identification” of this rig

My other ETC rig has no problem with connecting
They both share same flightsheet. Same hardware (but GPU), same switch, same router

The one I mentionned encounter troubleshoots since a day, was fine 3 months during.
Got same problem when switching to NA server after x EU fails.

what kernel are you on? miner/version?

[email protected] on rig with problems
[email protected] on righ without problems

Miner is in both case lolminer 1.53

AMD Drivers : 20.40 (5.11.0701)

New disconnection at 21:05 (UTC+2) handled by watchdog

try flashing the latest stable image via hive-replace as youre on an outdated image. just run hive-replace -s -y in the shell and wait for it to complete

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New image installed, waiting now to see if any difference
Jobs are received smoothly

can you post the miner log from that time if possible if it happens again?


Since the update everything seems stable and normal

Finally I got the problem on my second ETC rig, updating OS to lastest stable one

This occured during night, logs nor more accessible (I do not record them)

hopefully that fixes whatever issue there was if it was a local one.

i updated my second rig with 0.6-217 stable OS, but unfortunately it is delivered with 21.40.1 AMD drivers
Such drivers don’t work anymore for my R9 200 series GPU. I had to install 0.6-212 stable version

May you indicate how do downgrade AMD drivers to 20.40 using 0.6-217 ?
This link is a bit confusing for me