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ETC DAG size


Does ETC DAG file reach 3 GB ?

Got problems mining it with 3GB card from today
Problem @ 13:30 @ GMT+2

GPU1: Starting up… (0)
GPU1: Generating etchash light cache for epoch #223
Listening for CDM remote manager at port 3335 in read-only mode
Eth: New job #7e8cde29 from; diff: 5000MH
Eth: New job #778ea926 from; diff: 5000MH
Light cache generated in 4.3 s (10.2 MB/s)
GPU1: Free VRAM: 2.966 GB; used: 0.018 GB
GPU1: Disabling DAG pre-allocation (not enough VRAM)
GPU1: Allocating DAG for epoch #223 (2.74) GB
GPU1: Allocating buffers failed with: clCreateBuffer (-61).
Fatal error detected. Restarting.

EDIT : switch from Phoenixminer to lolminer and it turns OK again

So any idea why PM turned sudenly like this ?

The DAG is 4.3984 GB for ETH

It’s writen ETC in the tittle …

PhoenixMiner says Eth but it IS Etc

Me too. My rigs are down with the same error from today. Any solution.

This is very strange …
Other miners continue to handle corretly that new epoch
We are far from being at epoch > 3GB DAG size
It is estimated for July 2022

My temporary solution was to swap to lolminer with this drawbacks

  • t° increase (few degrees )
  • less hashrate

Gonna check if effective lower hashrate on Hive pool, as Phoneix is known to overestimate it

EDIT : Hashrate seems to be 5/6% lower. Also I can see a +2/5°C, my R9 280X are running very hot now :confused:

There is one year till 3GB dag.
I also switch to lol miner but the hashrate is low may be 2% and can adjust kernel settings.
The temperatures are normal for now for R9 280/x series.
But it si strange all this with this accidetal stopping of Phoenix…

Just asked in official Phoenixminer thread on Bitcointalk
May be someone find what’s happening

I have the same problem, this afternoon the miner (phoenix 5.3b) started to restart cyclically, with an error
GPU1: Allocating buffers failed with: clCreateBuffer (-61).
Fatal error detected. Restarting.
7950 video card
Installing the latest hiveos build does not help, I had to switch to lolminer, the hashrate is lower and the temperature is higher :frowning: Choosing different versions of the phoenix miner does not help either

Also having same issue with 7950 3GB

I can get it to run at reduced speeds with -daglim 2800

And it doesn’t seem to disturb anyone on Bitcointalk

May try a shot on reddit, but devs. don’t seem to communicate that much

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