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Errors and unable to get back up and running

HI all.

I have been mining since March with pretty much error free running until last week. I started to get an error (err) on the fan % in the box that has the temp fan% and hashrate.

As you can see it is now blank and not starting at all.

I’ve taken the time to read as much as I can and, frustratingly, I am not progressing at all.

I only have 1 Gigabyte Aorus Master 3070.

If any of you good people could help me I would be most appreciative.

Cheers, Gaz.

To add:

I booted up ran fine for about 3 or 4 minutes, completed 2 shares and then the error happened.

error on fan

I noticed the power meter went from 150w (total power output inc motherboard) to 70w.

My OC settings are: 65% fan, 1100 core, 2650 mem, 125 PL.

I’m using Hiveon pool and T-Rex miner.

I hope that’s useful,


It appears it crashed for some reason. I dont think is the core clock. So you can try lowering the mem clock to 2600.

Hi rkulov

Thanks for replying.

I’ll give that a try. I have been adjusting the OC settings whilst the trouble has been going on in the last week. I thought I’d cracked it a couple of days ago when I got 24 hours out of it but then, to my dismay, it had gone down again Thursday morning.

Cheers, Gaz

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