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Error with URL minning verthash algo

Hello guys, im trying to mine Vertcoin with verthashminer, but im not able to mine it, i tried some different configurations and always get the same error.

Unssuported non paremeter configuration: “url”, i dont know what is the issue… here is my miner config:

=== /hive/miners/verthashminer/0.7.2/miner.conf =================================================
-u WALLET -p -o stratum+tcp:// --verthash-data /hive/miners/verthashminer/0.7.2/verthash.dat --all-cu-devices --all-cl-devices

Tested with minningpoolhub and suprnova, with pool: Configure in miner, putting the values from the pool (url, workers…) directly in the miner also with the both pools and putting in the miner the templates from poolconfigurations…
Any idea?

there is my last try:

*Note: also tried with file system and ram for heavy file location.

Thank u.

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