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Error with New GPU

Hi guys, sorry for bothering you but I’m going crazy trying to solve this problems with my rig with no sucess.

A couple days ago I added a Zotac 3070 card to my rig and with it a lot of problems!

Actually there are two things that I couldn’t solve, the first one is that my rig screen blinks, IDKW but the screen blink ramdomly or sometimes even goes off and never turn on again.

The other (and more important) problem is that from one moment to the other the rig gpus goes off and nothing happens.

Even with low OC’s. I can see that the gpus fans stop working and everything else is normal, but it doesn’t work until I reboot it.

I find this error log in the console, do you have any clue about this?

Any one has a clue?

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