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Error - Unknown miner xmr-stak

Hi All,

I’m new to Hive OS and rig mining and not sure where to start looking for issues.
I’m getting an Unknown miner xmr-stak message.
I’m set to xmr-stak and have a config override as “currency”.“monero7”.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Update on this. I changed to eth miner and get the same error:
Unknown miner ethminer$

anyone have info on this? Any help would be great.

Have you tried to update rig version?
Are you familiar with command line? Try to start a ssh/shellinabox/teleconsole and check if binary exist?

Something like:

~# dpkg -S /hive/bin/xmr-stak
hive: /hive/bin/xmr-stak