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Error: Inconsistency detected by

Got this error when booted up my 4 gpu rx 570 rig today. Only changed powercable, and nothing else?
Running stabile for many days ??

Inconsistency detected by …/sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h: 540: elf_machine_rela_relative: Assertion `ELFW(R_TYPE) (reloc->r_info) == R_X86_64_RELATIVE’ failed!

Same error on all “miners”

I’m getting the same error on a rig with a single 1060 3GB mining RVN. I was running the t-rex miner for over a month when the miner just stopped working. Tried using other miners like Gminer, Bminer, etc but all seem to give a variation of this issue. Tried updating HiveOS and the Nvidia GPU driver to no avail.

Changed the USB drive, and all ok again :slight_smile:

Same for me. I was able to re-flash the same USB. We’ll see how long that works