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Error in creating Cuda context with EVGA GTX 1080 Classified


I got a used EVGA GTX 1080 Classified card and I am trying to mine Ethereum using lolminer, unfortunately it does not work and I get this error message:

error in creating Cuda context

I tried other miners like T-Rex and PheonixMiner but none work. The card gets recognized correctly by HiveOS. Here are the details of the card from nvidia-info:

=== GPU 0, 01:00.0 GeForce GTX 1080 8119 MB ===
Bios, PCIE Link Gen 3, PCIE Link Width 16x
Power Limit: Min 90.0 W, Default 245.0 W, Max 320.0 W, Current 130.0 W
Frequency: GFXCore 1721 MHz, MEMCore 5005 MHz
Memory: Total 8119 MB, Used 20 MB, Free 8098 MB, Micron GDDR5X
Utilization: GPU 0 %, MEM 0 %
PSTATE P0, PWR 57.9 W, Temp 35 °C, Fan 70 %, RPM 1944 (70 %)

I have the latest HiveOS with Nvidia drive 460.91.03

Any ideas what could be wrong with that card or HiveOS? It simply seems not to want to mine…


Hello! Did you solve that issue ? I have same situation.