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Error impossible to solve with the MSI Rx 5700

Hello everyone,
I’m new here, but I really need your help!

I have just received a MSI RX5700 Evoke GP OC but impossible to make it work with hiveos or even windows 10.

On HiveOs:

  • When I connect only this card, the fans are running, but nothing is displayed on the screen, the worker remains offline.

  • When I connect another card with (rx570) which serves as my video output. Hiveos launches but I get this error : Loading AMD drivers, 2 GPU

  • When I connect another card, and I launch hiveos in maintenance mode without considering the drivers, the worker is online, but does not mine, and the name of the card is “Navi 10[Radeon Rx 5600 OEM/5600 XT/5700/5700 XT]”

I have already tried ./…

On windows too, impossible to use the card as a display, the motherboard indicates a GPU error, however in no-fail mode it is well recognized, and I have updated the drivers.

Can someone help me? I really don’t understand where the problem is coming from, thanks!

Have this same issue.
Resend the GPU to the person you`ve bought it or join us in pain.

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