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Error_Fee_Pool (Fee pool isn't avaliable) Failure to init

As of 11-25-2021 All 7 of my S17 asic miners started getting this error. 1 by one over 12 hours as they did a reboot for any various reason. When they try to come back up Hive OS web interface shows the “Error_Fee_Pool” and I’m getting warnings every 3 minutes from each asic in the watchdog log saying:

" No inet after 3 minutes, restart"

I have confirmed I can connect to slushpool via
RemoteAccess:~$ telnet 3333
Connected to

So I think this rules out firewall, ISP or DNS interference. (As noted they have been running for months, and zero net config changes happened)

Anyone run across this before?

P.S. I have tried the basics of restarting everything, pinging, ect…

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