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ERROR : connection to API server failed, when adding a new PSU & GPUs

Hello everybody,

I hope somebody can help me !

I started a GPU rig with a small PSU and 2 GPUs (2*3070), and everything worked well. Worker in online, mining is starting.

Now, when I try to add a 2nd PSU and 1 or more GPUs on the same rig, hiveOS starts but fails with the error message :
ERROR : connection to API server failed

However, the new GPUs are recognized and fans are spinning.

My ethernet led is not blinking, just a static yellow color. My main PSU is feeding the motherboard as well as my first 2 GPUs.

If I remove the GPUs on the 2nd PSU, it boots fine and works again.

I don’t see the link between adding new GPUs and losing my internet connection ?

Many thanks for your help, I am ready to do anything to fix this !

Are the two psus connected in any way? One gpu using power from both gpus at all? Or are they completely separate?

Are you running the recommended bios settings? Motherboard setup

At the moment the PSUs are not connected, I start the 2nd one (not connected to the motherboard) few seconds before the main one.

I am aligned with the Bios settings, yes.

Thanks for your help.

short answer, it was the 2nd PSU ! Changed it and it is working and mining !