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ERROR: can not match card id

Hello guys. What this could be? This is a screenshot from amd-info. Half of my gpus(5 out of 11) are not recognized. It’s happened a few days ago. This is not a new build this rig was working fine previously. Tried running default oc settings

all of them are rx 5600xt (11 out of 11 cards)
Other 6 cards still works

check your bios settings

I have the same issue - could you point me in the right direction for how to do this?

Have you setup your bios settings properly?

Thank you - that post is useful. Found in the end that the cards were set to automatic. I set them to agenda 2 and all now working fine.

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Hi, I’ve encountered the same issue… “can not match card id” for my x 5 RX470.

Checked the motherboard setting guide, Gen 2, Enable 4G, Disable CSM but still getting the error.

I’ve even tried reflashing to stock bios, previously modded on windows but to no avail…

Any other possible methods for me to troubleshoot?

Some other info if it may help

Gigabyte H110 D3A, 8GB RAM, USB HiveOS, LAN Connectivity

5.10.0-hiveos #110
21.40.1 (5.13.0201)
RX 470 × 5

try one card at a time and verify each card works. its likely you have a faulty one

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