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Error amd vga after updating to 0.6-218@220615

update hiveos to 0.6-218@220615 today, but my amd card sapphire rx580 8gb, cannot be used in any miner.

this is miner log from teamredminer :
teamredminer exited (exitcode=0), waiting to cooldown a bit
Skipping miner log rotation due to execution time < 30sec

already try without oc, still same error. any help is appreciated.
try any other miner still same error. any already try to use one nvidia vga and it work perfect.

try to downgrade hiveos image, problem still persist, and downgrade hiveos make nvidia driver become problem.

anyone can help my problem?

thanks before.

Does the card work? Display output work?

card work perfectly in windows. already solved the problem, i need to reflash hiveos image.

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yeah, reflashing latest stable image/making sure youre on the latest miner software etc to rule out software issues is always a good first step of troubleshooting

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