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Error: 504 Gateway Time-out / "Network is offline, check your Internet connection"

Getting error:

“504 Gateway Time-out”


“Network is offline, check your Internet connection”

Since the last ~2-4 months, trying to get my rigs back up again but this error prevents it from mining.

Plugged my rig into a monitor and confirmed that I am able to navigate the web, so the rig does in fact have a connection to the internet.

I also tried updating that rig to the lastest version through the HiveOS website like I’ve done before (the yellow link on that rig), but it will not update like it has in the past.

Screenshots attached:


Run net-test and share the results

Oh man I found an effing ridiculous solution!!!

I had to unplug and replug the Ethernet cable part way before it was fully loaded up (if I waited until it was FULLY booted it did not work).

I guess there is an initial boot up, and it fails at that point. Eventually it continues to boot into a Linux desktop UI, and as soon as I saw that desktop UI, that’s when I plugged the cord back in, and that worked.

Hours of searching and stumbled upon 1 comment in a Reddit thread saying this which solved it!