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ERGO setting RTX 3070 - GTX 1070 - RX 5700xt


I’m looking for setting about ERGO, i use teamred for my RX 5700XT and Nanominer for my RTX 3070 and GTX 1070. i want to know if i’m good or not.



Hi there majere, how is it going with your settings is everything stable?

Very good for now, thanks

Did you have any problems with nanominer? I have 3060ti rig and nanominer keeps sending errors and rebooting. It says “unspecified error on card (number)” . Have you kept your ETH OC? I’ve read it needs more core than ethash but eaven with that keeps sendind the same error.

No i’m not using nano, only sbminer i have under clock core and memory, i dont have the same setting for ETH.

core : 0
mem: 2380

i have read this for the 3060TI
RTX 3060Ti - 167-169 MH/s - 119W - +0 Core, +1330 Memory in “windows”

ETH with T-REX

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GREAT!!! Thank you very much. I’ll try this right now


Working good now? my PL are around 115-120. and i drop memory to 2400 for 168-170MH

I had no temps problems, but GPU2 was using to much Fan ((88% +) so I lowered mem 2600 an PL to 120, that droped hasrate to 165 but rig is runing stable and no fan overspeed, GPU 0 and ! are runing fin with initial OC.
I’ll try lowering some PL

I am using Nanominer ( hiveos says nbminer is not available for some reason) and was only getting 125 on my rtx 3070, slowly it started rising up to 145.8, it this normal? I used to mine eth before and the hashrate reached the peak right away

You can easy and working very good.