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Ergo mining with RTX 3060 LHR v1 | My Results


Sharing my results with Ergo mining on few RTX 3060 LHR v1.
Could be useful if you interesting with Ergo mining.

  • make sure you use nvidia driver version 460.39
  • nbminer v37.6
  • 21xRTX 3060 PNY SINGLE FAN
  • Total hash power: 2.556Gh/s stable.


i have been struggling to setup nbminer
can you show me how please?
first time mining another coin, all my machines are on ETH
i was able to do something, but when i paste the wallet address - and paste it on nanopool - says invalid address…so i want to make sure i doing it right
sorry to bother and please share :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance

Pool configuration:

Miner configuration:

All together:

Let me know if there is any issues

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ok, and the wallet?
i can use the wallet for ETH correct?

Nope, you must create Ergo wallet configuration on hive section and put valid ergo address.

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Thank you!
working on this, and i will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Finally i found my best configuration so far.

nbminer 37.3 (37.6 gave 121.x mh/s)
core 1550
mem 2550
Power 115-130

gives me 123.x mh/s with all my 11 3060s. All on risers.
power consumption 97-115 w per card.

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yep, same here, no issues so far :slight_smile:

yeah nbminer 37.3 gets me more h/s as well but seems less stable than 37.6

  • All cards connected with risers
  • PCIE GEN 2

Better OC:

  • 1550 core
  • 2600 mem
  • 115 pl

123M H/s per card (stable not dropping)
NBminer v.37.5
nvidia driver version 460.39
From 2.556GH/s to 2.581GH/s

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