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Ergo mining on rtx 3070

If anyone is mining Ergo on a 3070, could you share your settings? It would be much appreciated. Thanks

Been going for about a day now just trying it out. But seems to be a good starting point.

Using NBMiner on woolypooly


about 155 on nanominer . tnx

Just starting, on my 3060 (non-Ti) rig I had to run driver 360.39, so this rig is running the same driver

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I’m using these oc and it is giving around 170 mh.

hi guys, probe this cfg.

nbminer 37.5
Nvidia 640.39

C -500
M 2700
PL 130

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MSI GP66 notebook with RTX3070 - 122mh / 74W under Windows (Hive can not drive FAN)
I use “nvidiaInspector.exe -lockVoltagePoint:0,680000 -setBaseClockOffset:0,0,-200 -setMemoryClockOffset:0,0,-1000”

Unfortunately, If you’re not on HiveOS I’m no use :frowning:

@eledush I tried your settings out. The hash rate was high, but so was the rejected rate. On Nanopool using NBMiner, I was getting about 97% accepted rate. Dropped down to -500/2600/130 and have had much better % results at the expense of a few hash