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Ergo Hashrates for 6000 Series Cards?

Hey I am looking to switch my 6600 xt, 6800, and 6800 xt cards over to Ergo. I could not find this topic anywhere so I figured I would start this conversation so it can help me and others that are wondering the same thing. If anyone could please share there overclocks. Thanks

They’re not great on ergo.

I noticed that the progpow, kawpow algos are the best options for 6000 cards but I would prefer the third best option which would be autolykos. Plus the heat is more controllable and the less wattage is nice. Also, I want to spec mine Ergo cause I see this project getting better. Here are my hashrates. The power for the 6800/6800 xt cards keep throttling from 80 to 100 watts.

Looking interesting. Measure the consumption at the wall yet? Thanks for sharing.

Its about another 250-300 more watts at the wall.

Hallo guys,
What about 6900XT? I cant find a valid OC setting.
I’m around 100-120MH/s for 140watt
Thankyou for help.

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