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ERGO ERG Clocks 2022 What you guys got!

Ill post all 7 of my rigs - Im not really looking for efficiency im looking for max HASH but i mean no need to way over power… Anyways wondering what clocks for what cards you guys are using that are good…

Rig 1:

Rig 2:

Rig 3:

Rig 4:

Rig 5:

Rig 6:

Rig 7:

Ey i got my 3070ti running on core 1680 and memory 3100. This gives me 185MH @ 160 watt

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Very good not sure how i missed that prolly stepped over it to fast thanks a bunch i stuck with the 3200

You welcome,

I also have a few 3070 and 3060ti (all non LHR) running on core 1515 (167mh @ 120watt). But I’m looking for efficiency because of the energy price

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