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Ergo / Autolykos now available on Nicehash

Ergo was recently added to Nicehash, but it has yet to appear in the HiveOS Coin drop-down menu:

So I figured I would try to create a flighsheet manually. I created a new ERG wallet and used my regular NiceHash BTC wallet address (the same one I use for ETH mining). I set ‘pool’ to ‘configure in miner’:

Then I used Nicehash stratum generator to generate the pool address: NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading

Now I am able to get paid in BTC for mining Ergo.


doesnt nicehash provide less revenue for all coins when mining there? You can create ERG wallet and use it to mine ERG but you will get ERG not ETH or BTC.

Currently I want to collect BTC. With ERG mining I have to complete these steps:

  1. Transfer from ERG wallet to exchange
  2. Sell ERG to USDT
  3. Transfer USDT to Binance (only 1 USDT fee for BSC)
  4. Sell USDT to BTC
  5. Trasnfer BTC to my wallet

Even though Nicehash takes a commission, they make it much simpler to get BTC from mining ERG.


Thank you

What do you put for the Wallet source? or can I leave it blank? I only have a btc wallet on nicehash as well, just use the BTC wallet address correct?

Yes leave the wallet source blank.
Use the same BTC wallet you used when mining ETH on Nicehash.


Thank you for sharing this. Now my 3060s are more productive.

Using Teamred miner I’am getting a lot of NiceHash requested re connect? like connection is kicking / restarting. Is that normal on ergo?

I have seen it happen in DaggerHashimoto also, so I would assume it’s normal. As long as you’re still submitting shares normally then it’s fine.

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I’m also mining Ergo to Nicehash BTC with my 3070 LHR. I guess the one thing I liked about Rvn mining to Nicehash BTC was that I could see the profitability on Nicehash in real-time - with Ergo you can’t and I still haven’t received a payout so I’m not sure if it’s set up correctly. Have you been paid out yet?

When I was mining ergo as setup above it showed up as an unmanaged rig in nicehash and paid every 3 hours just like I was using nicehash

Why is the Nicehash-Autolykos not showing up in the Coins drop-down menu…?

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Why not just use Nicehash and mining Ethereum and get paid in BTC as it has been?

With RTX 30 series sometimes Ergo pays a bit more. With Vega Ergo pays alot more.

Its not as profitable. Especially right now.

It’s ok. Nicehash doesn’t want us to use this anyways.

May as well mine etherium direct and convert for BTC if you want BTC.

See comment #3

Yes, thats a pain in the ass.
So mine etherium direct to ur etherium wallet and instantly exchange for bitcoin. 99.9% of exchanges have bitcoin and etherium and will instantly convert. Ergo is not traded by very many exhanges so thats and extra unecassary step.
There is no point in mining a less profitable Algo at this time and then just to play musical exhanges.

There are times when Ergo is more profitable then ETH on RTX 30 GPUs. If you have LHR then it’s always more profitable.

On Vegas Ergo is way more profitable than ETH.