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Energy cost and auto stop/start


So as the energy cost is increasing im right on the threshold on what is profitable in my area.
i’m wondering, is there any possibility to start/stop a miner based on a energy prices, time of day etc?

Have you explored the schedules tab at all? You can set all kinds of things, overclock profiles, commands to start or stop etc whenever you’d like to

Hey, i have seen it but cant say i have used it… what I’m looking for is the kind of integration that my ev charger is using, it charges based on the current rate in the day…(API towards energy provider)
So basically i’m looking for a function that’s says:

price < set profitable rate “start miner”
price > set profitable rate “stop miner”

But i guess could use the schedule to set a start/stop event outside the normal peak hours?
another alternative i have looked at is using a smart plug as i can program that to this function, but i feel its bit “rough” to shutdown miner hard 1-2 times a day.

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