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Elpilda Memory

I have this 3 580 4GB rig, 1 Nitro+, 1 pulse, and 1 PowerColor. The nitro+ have Elpida memory (never heard of this brand before) and the other 2 have Samsung memory. The miner detects all 3 of the GPU’s, the Elpida works fine at first but it stopped working after a minute. I’ve already tried switching the riser and everything but it keeps repeating the same problem. Have any idea why and what do I need to do?

Tweak a bit memory clock down, also the temp is too high, put fan speed about 60, amdmemtweak -20.
My card is PULSE, same Elpida, I mine ETC with lolminer, ambinet temp is 20 deg C, got it stable like this:

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