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EIP 1559 / MEV-Geth Extraction SOLUTION to lowered block rewards

If any of you were on the EIP 1559 Eth Cat Hearders call today you heard that EIP 1559 is going through and mostly likely without any changes.

However in the middle of the call the ETH Devs mentioned a solution to offset the lower block rewards called MEV extraction but pools have to implement it.

Can someone from Hiveon Pool explain where they are in this process?

You can find out more about MEV extraction here: GitHub - flashbots/mev-geth: Go implementation of MEV-Extract for Ethereum



Saranno confusi anche loro secondo me!!
Sicuramente adesso si devono aggiornare tutti i programmi per adattarsi al nuovo formato.
La buona notizia se non ho capito male e che aumenteranno del 18% circa i guadagni per noi miner…Speriamo bene.

Now that it is confirmed that EIP 1559 is going to be launched in July and that miners of ETH are going to see a 30% to 40% reduction in earnings can someone for Hive please comment on what your pools plan is going to be?

Will you be doing MEV and or adding additional coins like Raven and Conflux?

Looking forward to hearing from the Hive Team!