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Hi everyone!

Anyone managed to run thunderbolt 3 eGPUs on HiveOS? does it support it? I have a few rigs with a gigabyte motherboard with the Thunderbolt 3 add on card. I mine on nicehash at the moment without problems (getting around 97-98 Mh/s). I really want to move to HiveOS for some rigs as they are simply unstable with other cards (namely the older GTX and RX/Vegas). Will it be able to recognise and use my Thunderbolt devices?

I’ve got a razer Chroma in the shelf and just had issue’s with a 5700XT from a rig so I renewed the thermal paste and put it in my chroma…

The screenshot is from my ThinkPad T480s 0.6-204

It sees my GPU and next I’ll try to do a testrun…

Testrun is fine, works as expected like any internal card!

I have an Alienware and i was never able to get it to work with an Razer Chroma x having the RTX 30XX cards.
GTX 1080 and 1080ti as well as RTX 2070 worked fine.
I have also tested it on RX 6700 worked on PowerColor but not on XFX.

All these in windows.

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