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Efficiency down & Binance hashrate

Hello everyone!
last 5 days, binance hashrate down to 20MH (usual 31 MH)
and hiveOS efficiency down to 90 % without any changes (OC), it was the same config I used to set.
I called someone, he told me that he has the same problem.
Can anyone tell us what happened, so ETH profit down to about 50%.


I’m also looking for an answer for this behavior. As I experience same issue of profit down near to 50%.

1st: Network Difficulty huge right now… at 7.22 P

2nd: big price increase, White this seems counter intuitive a large amount of ETH has been soled off by people taking profits that can result in more ETH in the market (quite offended from wallets off the grid and not normally in gen circulation)

Plus binance doesn’t win many blocks


I’m currently using the Hiveon pool but I’m thinking to move to another one were the hashrate is bigger.

What you think - does it make sense to move ?

hives got plenty

what hash power do you have?

I’m moving back to Hive once my current run on ethermines done…

Thanks for reply, Now I understood were is the problem, it will be in Binance, I tried ethermine & nanopool, My hashrate get better, thanks a lot “lukezen” & everybody.

Its not the rig nor the pool, its everyone. Check this thread.

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