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Edit Cron Job on HiveOS

Hey guys. I’ve recently mirrored Hive’s Repos for quicker updates. When setting this up a cron job is set up in order to sync the local repos with Hive’s repos. This cron job is ran every hour and I would like to change it to something more reasonable like every 4-8 hours. Syncing every hour is overkill! Anyone ever edited this cron job? Where can I edit this cron job?

You need to edit the crontab file using the crontab command. To list it’s contents you’ll type “crontab -l” to edit the file you’ll type “crontab -e”. All cron jobs are located in “/etc/cron*”. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this I suggest reading the cron manpage or doing a quick Duck/Google search beforehand.

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Thanks for the reply. I since deleted the repo and updates because it was broken for a LONG time. It would work initially, then the subsequent cron jobs would fail to reach the servers for some reason. Wasn’t worth the headache. Do u know if they’ve fixed this by now?

I don’t know. I just noticed this was from last year.

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