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Earnings seem low?

So I’m just switched to Hive from a windows setup. I got everything running ok I think except the earnings seem to be about 1/2. I’m still figuring the program out and when I can find the expected earnings its $4 and the same setup was about $8. I am still running some cards on the windows and identical cards are earing double. Also I was on Hive pool and switched to ethermine after seeing lots of hiveon pool users having the same problem (searching pulled up lots of 2021 topics)

Is this a bug and how do I get to my earning tab?


are you going of of 24+ hour estimates before you mined for 24+ hours?

I’m hoping that’s what it is. I should know now that its running smooth. I assumed that it would give a real time estimate like the windows setup was using. I’s more inline with what I was expecting now.

look at your earnings for x amount of time (in the coin youre mining, not usd) and extrapolate the results to get your hourly/daily earnings. estimates will vary pool to pool based on blocks found for the last 1-120 minutes depending on pool so you shouldnt never fully rely on them

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