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Earnings down 50% since last week?

I use Hive with and my estimated daily earnings went down drastically; from over .04 ETH to just over .02 ETH daily. My hashrate remains relatively stable. Could this all be the result of increased ETH mining and lower gas fees? Have others seen this reduction as well or is there a maybe a problem with my setup?


I’m having the same issue. I used to get 0.105 eth every two days, now it’s 0.125 every 3 days. Hashrate is the same, all is stable. What is going on?

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My mines are also half the rates they were a week ago.

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Which miner are you using on hiveos? I run ethminer, will try some other to see if it makes a difference.

I am running trex -

sorry I should have been clear I am hashing at the same rate just getting half the revenue

I use ethminer on for the nVidia cards and TRM for AMDs.

Are you using TRM / AMD on also?

Guys it doesn’t depend of your rig or GPU or miner or Pool. It dropped for everyone.


Can’t wait for London and EIP 1559… :roll_eyes:

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What does it depend on then? Will it get back qhere it was a week ago?

I was reading about this, loads of stuff that i dont understand, flashbot messing on ethereum blockchain grapping shares and selling them with profit, it was huge amount of eth that is “on hold” by these bots in the “dark forest” :sweat_smile: …yeah i know dark forest wtf, its actually a legit term that they use about a storage in blockchain…allso, in the markets, there is comming new eth asic miners…there might army of them allready online by manufacturer, wouldn´t be the first time this would happen with asic´s…Btc…so they are eating up the shares. I really dont have the answer to this one, just some crumbles of info i came across. If there is anyone with actuall knowledge about why eth block difficulty is sky high, please share the info. Would be nice to know what is actuallu going on and what to expect in the near future :grimacing:


I am also trying to understand what has happened since the weekend here. the difficulty is in absurd value but if someone has a more technical knowledge of what is happening I would also like to read :slight_smile:


yea… time is come to start looking new coin for mining) Any ideas? lol

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I live in China and this maybe some bad news. Just these last two weeks there are mass amounts of cards going for 2000 USD and up. As usual china managed to hoard the supply and as usual they are willing to pay crazy prices in a hype. Huaqianbei in Shenzhen is like the small piece electronics market of the world is in a crazy state atm. Like walmart and best buy black Friday style. If they had open media here this would be all over the news but of course its not. So likely its a zerg of chinese farms swooping in.


Is this something that will remain as is or is possible to revert to previous state?

Well they also cut earnings by 18% too. I think its lower fees and China zerg. Fees will continue to get lower and big cut is happening in July too.

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What is the reason it dropped? It’s because the difficulty?

How big? Any info on it?

This is not cool - I thought I was having a bad dream when I looked at my earning, but then I realized what happened and that it is actually true…more hash power since last week (added a card) , and less earnings…

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