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Dynex overlocks

Hi guys,

Started mining dynex, checked some videos on youtube, and people are getting much more efficiancy on the cards… I tried basically everything I know trying to tune the cards, but I cant even get half of what other youtube miners achieving (even using same settings as them)

Adding screenshots…

People are getting 8.2± on 3080 cards…
Any overlocks suggestions?
Currently using
–cclk 1470
–mclk 5000

dnx changed, so the hr dropped

also try addng a core clock offset

if you mining, or anyone else, maybe could share their oc settings and their efficiency %?
Want to see whats better possible

thats what im getting atm

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As I always say, check they have pretty good OC settings for any card you can mine with.

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My hash rate was fine at rhe time, simply videos were made before network update.

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Consider adjusting core and memory clocks for better mining efficiency. Experiment with settings to match or exceed others’ results for Dynex mining.