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Dusting off some AMD R9 290s and I need help...big time

So I’m bringing some of my old GPUs back from the dead. It’s been about 3 years or so since I had them running. I did a little research and read that these cards worked well with HiveOS and Phoenix Miner. I went ahead and installed those and fired the AMD puppies up. To my dismay, I’m not getting anywhere near the hash rate I used to AND I’m now getting some fun errors. Since it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten a lot and am pretty much back to newbie miner status. I’m only getting like 3MH on the first card and that’s it. Yup, my 4 GPU set up is only spitting out 3MH on my first GPU slot. I don’t quite know the right overlcock settings and I’m getting both GPU fault 147 and 146 errors. I’m a mess basically. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Attaching screenshot if it helps…


Start with one card. Don’t just fire up four cards and think it’s going to work perfectly.

You could have a bad riser… or a bad card… or a bad USB cable… or a weak PSU.

Start slow. Work your way up to 4 cards, testing each one until you get to full capacity.

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