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Duplicate an existing rig

What are the steps to duplicate an existing rig?

I currently have one rig running in HiveOS and now have a second rig ready to add in Rigs that has the exact same hardware as the current running rig,

If there an easy way to duplicate the Rig or do I need to do the individual steps that I had to do for the first rig?

No specific steps need.

All what you must do is

  1. Create new instance in Rigs to get ID and password for new rig
  2. Write image with HiveOS to drive for new rig
    3A) Connect drive to rig and power on, enter rig ID and password from step 2
    3B) After write image finished to drive and windows mounted config directory to OS copy file rig-config-example.txt to rig.conf and edit (recommended Notepad++ program) this fields
    by entering values into double quotes from step 2
    3C) … enough … I’m think

I’m think scheme 1-2-3A) must be quite easy for you