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Dual Mining with Teamredminer ETH and NBminer RVN hashrate issue?

Hello, I have a rig the 7 GPUs 3xVEGA56, RX470 and RX580, the VEGAs mining with teamredminer ETH and the RXs with NBminer RVN.
My problem is I reach only 10MH with the RX cards but I know with the command --prog_config=A300.A300.A300.A300 I cloud get about 13MH per card with teamredminer.
But I can only use TRM for one coin and the VEGAs reach about 50MH with TRM, I tryed to change the VEGAs to pheonigminer but I reach only 44MH.

So can you help me to configure NBminer with the commando or to get more MH by the pheonixminer?

Hi, how are you? I’m trying to config Dual Mining with Teamredminer and NBMiner (Eth+zil) and RVN. Can you share your flightsheet config ? Thankyou

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