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Dual mining spec coins

Things are crazy, profits are almost gone and to make it worse everything changes every moment

Had an idea if it is possible to dual mine spec coins (ie everything now lol). Don’t want to do etc, since it will be out of reach for gpu miners, and don’t want to do ethw.

For instance that trm allows some unusual combos. Don’t you wish you had more amd cards? lol SRBminer is another but never used it but for cpu. Not sure how it works for dual mining

I know an alternative would be to mine one on one card and another coin on a different coin. Just thought it might be an interesting option. I like the way lolminer handles dual mining with dualfactor or t-rex with dual-algo-mode. You can just assign a small percentage of capacity to the second coin

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found that bz can do triple mining (erg + kas +zil). Hive seems not to allow this for now, but you can enter it manually

bzminer -a ergo -w 0000 -p --a2 kaspa --w2 1111 --p2 stratum+tcp:// --a3 zil --w3 2222 --p3 zmp://
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Hey did this worked for you?

I’m just researching at this time. Thought of sharing what I found. That command was from the bzminer’s site, so it should work?!?!

Not sure if it might be worth to double mine (maybe the hashrates drop too much), but should be interesting to try

wasn’t sure if srbminer could, but seems it can

autolykos2 + kaspa
autolykos2 + blake3_alephium
autolykos2 + blake3_ironfish
autolykos2 + heavyhash
autolykos2 + sha512_256d_radiant

Ergo + Kaspa


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --gpu-auto-tune 1 --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet 9gj5rYtg1sGwdvoXGJswrSfPBXiXJgmyjZVEQ9p5fvZrCAfu6zT --algorithm kaspa --pool --wallet kaspa:qr36zdxs0dn3n0h799jhdl02qks5742lxjgmfsfj9xmlca7n4l6mw0s0n48nx --gpu-boost 3

Ergo + Alephium


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --gpu-auto-tune 1 --algorithm autolykos2 --pool --wallet 9gj5rYtg1sGwdvoXGJswrSfPBXiXJgmyjZVEQ9p5fvZrCAfu6zT --algorithm blake3_alephium --pool --wallet alephium-wallet-here --gpu-boost 3

more examples on

Hello, do you have a solution?
I also tried several parameters, I speak only for HiveOs not windows,
the ZIL works on Teamredminer on all pools with the parameter --Zil … --Zil end and also activate the dag…
for Bzminer it complicates for pools, the parameters are not accepted by Hiveos: activation of Dag OK
“cache_dag”: 1
the settings:
“algo”: zil
“a2”: zil
“w2”: xxxx
“p2”: is not accepted by HiveOs
here is my problem P2 thank you for your help

I speak with HiveO Flight sheet only
because live via terminal it works very well but a lot of loss of information… thank you

can you help me to set it manually in hiveos or some example video

what are you trying to mine?

bzminer has now added a bunch of dual coins. Other miners offer other dual coins as well

Ethw + Alph (Nvidia only, experimental)
Ethw + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
Ethw + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)
Etc + Alph (Nvidia only, experimental)
Etc + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
Etc + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)
Ergo + Kaspa (Nvidia only, experimental)
Ergo + Radiant (Nvidia only, experimental)

KAS + RXD sir

i found it work with bzminer on another OS and im trying to do it on HIVE

There really is no point dual mining two core heavy algorithms on the same card. If you want to mine both, you better split your cards so one card mines Kaspa and the other mines Radiant.
But, whatever floats your boat I guess…

kas + rxd isn’t listed in the bz site. As @aminer says, you don’t usually mine two algorithms that are heavy on the same. Eth and kas work because one targets the memory and the other the core.

If you still want to try they gave you the info in their video. Hive doesn’t consider them a valid pair, so you could try adding the extra parameters in the extra config arguments. However you might get better results mining on 2 different cards as aminer said

They say to use
-a kaspa -p stratum+tcp:// -w $wallet.$rigName --a2 radiant --p2 stratum+tcp:// --w2 1Jxas3fNsdxuua8f5RFmGDSyupM5S5n6fM.$rigName --max_dual_autotune_drop 0.92 --oc_lock_memory_clock 810

You need to convert the options to json like format (“name”: “value”)

it could also be dependent on the next release 12.2

that didn’t work lol Not sure if you need 12.2, since I upgraded thinking that might fix it. The solution below might work with the current stable release

bz has a trick to force it to mine different coins than whatever the config states.

You need to use this in the extra config arguments

"force_algo": "kaspa" 
"force_algo2": "radiant"

After that you select Ethw, Etc or Ergo as your main coin in the flightsheet. Don’t worry you will override that in the config. Then for the second coin in the flightsheet set your rxd data.

After you do that, press the setup miner config label for bz

There you can set the correct data

Thanks interesting exercise.

As for speed I’m getting 264.8 kH for kas and 126.3 kH for rxd. Used to get 372 kH on kas with 60W (about the same power both times). You could increase the power and thus get higher hashrates