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Dual mining NBMiner "devices" command does not work

Hi everyone!

I am using nvidia 3060 and 3070 in same system, where I want to use lolminer for 3060 and use nbminer for 3070. In lolminer I can make their described “devices” code in the miner config work, where it only uses GPU1.

I have tried the following code lines in the config window without success:
devices: 0
-d 0
–devices 0

Obviously I am doing something in the command wrong, what is the correct thing to write if I want nbminer to only use gpu0?

Thanks in advance!

The correct syntax should be
“devices”: “0”

The correct syntax is:

“Platform” 1 (for NVIDIA list of cards)
“devices”: “0,1,2”


“Platform” 2 (for AMD list of cards)
“devices”: “0,1,2”

Otherwise it will not accept it if its mixed nvidia/amd worker.
To get the correct device number, subtract the other platform devices from your device number.
0 RX480 (AMD device 0)
1 RTX3060 (Nvidia device 0)
2 RTX 3070 (Nvidia device 1)
3 RX470 (AMD device 1)
4 RX5700 (AMD device 2)
5 RTX 3080 (Nvidia device 2)
6 RX6900 (AMD device 3)

In order to select all AMD cards, except the RX5700 the syntax would be:
“Platform” 2
“Devices”: “0,1,3” (since this is the order in the selected platform!)

To select the 3080 only, for example, it would be:
“Platform” 1
“Devices”: “2” (since this is the order number of 3080 in the Nvidia platform!)

not working if combine with eth

It does. Look how i’ve set it up.
Here you can see exactly how I’ve set up my mining rig to mine ETH only with the cards which are most effective to do so (2x RX570 8GB).

And of course, you cannot mine in different pools with the same miner. I would’ve mined with TRM if I could, but instead I use NBminer to diverse miners.


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