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Dual mining mini-problem

Hello everyone, i would like you all to adress my problem in hopium that we’ll rezolve this together, since i already explorer the vast planet of google.

As you can clearly see in those imagines; The randomX algorith works only on the first 2 cards for some reason i cannot make it functional on all the cards; First thoughts were that the miner might have a problem or so. So i took a step forward and build a mini second miner in which the problem looks same. Im using nanominer v.3.7.0-cuda111 and the dual coin goes on with kawpow and randomX.

Please be kind and express your feelings towards this.

Thanks for reading and consuming your time on my issue. (Even if you don’t know an answer, you’ve lost 2mins of your life which you’ll not be able to get back.)

Can you post your flight sheet and miner log?

So your cpu is mining randomx, not you gpu. It would be best to use a seperate miner (like xmrig) for xmr, then it will show properly.

Any advice how to run BZ 13.0.1 mining nexa + Zil ?
Im using it normally to mine nexa + zil under windows, but have no idea how to run it under hive.
Im setting it on FS: Url %URL% Ver 13.0.1 Algo nexa Worker %WORKER_NAME% Template %WAL% and than pasting somem usual stuff like: User Config"oc_memory_clock_offset": 0 "oc_core_clock_offset": 170 "oc_core_volt_offset": [190,150] "oc_memory_volt_offset": [120,120] "oc_power_limit": [310,170] "ramp_up": true Works nice and easy. But than, im adding to users config those lines taken from readme.txt:
“zil_test”: true
“zil_test_diff”: 1
“zil_test_frequency”: 300
“zil_pool”: “
“zil_wallet”: “my wallet”
“cache_dag”: 1
Miners posts : “waiting to cool a bit (exit code=0)” or smht…

what do i do wrong ???

Use the built in drop downs for zil, don’t put it in the extra config. Bzminer has a config generator on their website you can use.

Also, think you don’t need the voltage offsets, unless you have an intel gpu